jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016


I Took the time Should be taken. Those Who sent him to shut Said I would not Because it was I Who Carried the speaking time of Members, as the President of the National Assembly. "Here the word shortening me. We got tired of listening to Their nonsense for five years. And it's over, "Said Henry Ramos.
The adeco deputy sang to the Deputies. I upbraided them They Had the procession inside. "Three military groups conspiring in, and four groups in the PSUV falling a knife and forcing the resignation of Nicolas Maduro. That you know. Diosdado you are dead. To you scraped and left you four members of the national executive. We spent the bulldozer "I Said, in a kind of revelation of how are the ranks of Chavez inside. Do not tell anybody, but the same in 2002. Also Warned the late President Hugo Chavez About the imminence of a coup Against him as.
Said Ramos Allup Also the bloc of Deputies of the government, Which is Already very small number continue to reduce "Because not even Their learning from mistakes. And if you now look gloomy, sad, walking in the dark, shouting to be excitement in the street They do not Have a single bore to back them up. It is the street Which will draw from Miraflores. "
I Also Said That the Government in Its agony is only held in the so-called justice system. "Although They Have Threatened Us with that body shame called TSJ not fit them doubt atrocities That They are preparing to declare void any decision here is taken and will continue to take an organism Because That Is That sooner you will later has to do justice," He Said. Maduro and made it clear That His government will leave the power democratically.

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