martes, 19 de marzo de 2013

La caricatura de Rayma y el rosario de Chávez

Rayma, cartoonist of El Universal, has a deadly cartoon today that explains best than anything what a bunch of cheats the CNE is (Venezuela electoral board). For those who do not know anything about Soccer/Football (England) I will explain after the jump (you are about half of the readership after all).

By the way, Tibisay was outraged by the words of USA Roberta Jacobson at the State Department, who was merely stated what we all know. But Tibisay seems not aware that we call her the Minister for Elections of Chavez.

  • Tibisay Lucena is dressed in red, tricolor fascist armband included.
  • She also has a red necklace that looks like the red rosaries that were distributed at Chavez wake, with his picture instead the one of a normally agreed upon saint of the Roman Catholic Church....
  • The goal posts are red for chavismo and blue for opposition, and sure enough the midfield is ready in front the blue posts, so not only a direct kick is possible at the start, but defense players of chavismo are so far ahead that any attacking opposition is almost always off side, off game, foul.

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